About Beach Cruiser Sales

Here at Beach Cruisers, we have a vision of creating a new trend in Lebanon; one that will serve the local and tourist communities alike. Our top brand Beach Cruisers will remind you of a time when fun was simple. Bike with your family or take a well deserved break.

Beach Cruisers and Longboards was established this year, 2019, in the heart of Beirut. As an independent cycling company, we are creating unique beach cruiser experiences for the shore and beyond. Our lineup of affordably-priced bikes are designed in USA. Make every ride a life enriching experience with no compromises in quality or comfort.

When people ride Beach Cruisers, good things happen. Experience it yourself on one of our Beach Cruisers.

I sell cruisers because I ride one. I want all Lebanon to have one. Personally, I feel it’s the most fun you can have. It gives you the ultimate joy and happiness that other bikes don’t.

It’s a great way to seeing and experiencing whole lot of stuff all at once, where you don’t get that same perspective on a motorcycle, or a car , or other bicycles , It’s very rewarding , I guaranteed if u purchase a cruiser from me you won’t regret it as long as you live .